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Inspiration & Early Influences

This probably sounds a bit fanciful, but looking back I can see that even when I was very young I saw art as something special.

Three events in particular stand out.

When I was learning to read, I though the pictures in ‘Ladybird’ books were magnificent and so realistic. I still have a few of my old books.

Around the age of five my mum took me to the cinema for the first time, to watch ‘Bambi’. It was an afternoon of wonder, seeing living paintings, the depth, the expressions, the scenery. How were they done? Why was the red plush of the chair so prickly on the back of my bare knees?

The third event happened when I was about eight and we were living in Essex. On a school trip to a Tudor manor house, we were shown lovely visual things like seals, parchments, family trees and tapestries. But the most magical was the long gallery. Its walls were resplendent with Tudor family portraits by the masters of the day. I stood for ages, absorbed by the delicacy of the lace collars, the translucency of the pearls, the folds of silk and velvet. How could a swoosh of paint do that?

Many things attract me. I love doing animals, their expressions, textures and colours. Still-life arrangements have beautiful juxtapositions of surface texture and tone, and the objects can tell stories. A line in a song or story can conjure up images too and these can lead to a fantasy painting.  I'm fascinated by how light affects everything, how it falls across a subject or reflects back onto it. How it fires up the colours and changes how we feel. Getting light and shadow into a painting gives it life and I love seeing and making work that can capture some of that magic.

Julie is a fantastic artist and an amazing teacher’ 
S. Worden

Qualifications & Professional Memberships

Professional Graduate Certificate in Education

BA hons: Art and Design in Scientific and Natural History Illustration

Contemporary Portrait and Figure Drawing Level 2

Life Drawing level 2

Member of Association of Animal Artists

Professional Associate of the SAA

Exhibitions & Events

National Exhibition of Wildlife Art,

Not the Turner Prize,

SAA ‘Artist of the Year’ (2010 portrait finalist)

The Artist’s ‘Artist of the Year’ (highly commended 2012).

Solo at the Solaris

Association of Animal Artists annuals (category winner)

Short listed for Royal Society of Portrait Painters open exhibition.

Julie has demonstrated at ‘Patching’s Farm’, ‘It’s All about Art’, and appeared on T.V. in ‘A Splash of Paint’



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